Nicola Tesla and Free Energy

Destroy the energy market!! Energy MUST be Free!

To solve the current energy/fuel crisis and environmental difficulties we must look back at Nicola Tesla’s work which for too long has been held back, corrupted and destroyed by industrialists (starting with J.P. Morgan and followed by every other oil/atomic energy etc company today).

Currently we have a gigantic Solar plant is in the talks to be built in the Sahara desert, if the current energy companies have their say, this energy will be sold, once again splitting the world into markets – with all its caveats including resource wars.

We cannot afford this to happen again (as it did with oil). If Nicola Tesla was right and energy can be transmitted via the ionosphere (and he was right about pretty much everything else, remember) then this sustainable energy can be made available for free to anyone. IF he was right, then this idea is not a utopia and the only thing stopping US is industrialists trying to prevent it.

If I had the choice I would personally rather pay 50 GBP  a month until the end of my life for Tesla’s idea to be realized and everyone who can’t afford energy to be given it for free – instead of paying the same amount for gas, oil and electricity that cannot be replaced and is destroying out planet.