Philosophy Mumbo-Jumbo

I’ve been thinking about a general philosophical problem concerning AI and psychology and any endevour to discover HOW we think. The problem is that I think that while humans have a certain way of processing information that comes naturally – ie when they are born, but that we can adapt multiple different ways of thinking as we grow. This means that if for instance a person is very used to binary descision making, their mind will grow int that way, while a person who grows up thinking chaotically and following impulses will deverlop that way.

These are only two very very simple examples of course, but I think the problem is very deep. What does written psychology and philosophy tell us about the writer? Can we find a way to discover the initial way of thinking (organic) that we all possess?

Maybe we have to study infants and children growing up more carefully, or if possible find ways for letting our children express themselves in a way that we can relate to them better. This I think is the most difficult task, because while we were all children initially, most of us believe we have learnt something from them and tend to interpret our world through this knowledge. But to learn like an infant does may seem strange or even wrong to us now.

Thus it can be difficult if not impossible to find out HOW we think by analysing the way WE think. Because we IMITATE ways of thinking as well as general behaviour patterns as we grow older, what we would be analysising are not the actual underlying thinking mechanism that drives our all behaviour but the learnt and repeated behaviours that the person we observed has aquired in life.

The way I think we can approach this is by:

1. analysing the organic mechanisms that drive the process. Although this cannot give us all the answers, as it would be the same as looking and computer hardware to see what functionality its software can have (endless)

2. analysise the behaviour of very inexperienced beings ie children, infants. The problem is that we will always interpret their behaviour according to our experience…

Solution: Possibly try to correlate the “hardware” to the most primitive “software”/behaviour we can identify in an infant.

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