Do you sometimes find yourself getting worse at writing? I don’t know if it’s down to burnout, or whatever else – but I was just reading some of the things I wrote a year ago and I must say, I wish I was that clear about things now. Isn’t research supposed to clear things up? It seems to me that right now I feel like I am just starting, whereas when I started I had a pretty clear picture.
Specifically, I am currently trying to write my literature reviews for my Transfer from MPhil to PhD and I’m finding it so difficult to summarize the papers I’m reading that I’m resorting to “how to write a literature review” guides. Then I looked back at the lit reviews I had done for my proposal (yes, that was before my research) and they are great! They summarize all the key points, compare and contrast them to my project and cross reference the most important works! It’s ridiculous!